Who we are

The Voluntary Hospital of St Bartholomew is an independent charity devoted to supporting patients and staff at St Bartholomew’s Hospital – “Barts” – in the City of London. Board members, “the Governors”, have had the experience of formerly serving as members of staff at St Bartholomew’s for a total in excess of 200 years. In addition there are Governors appointed who bring additional skills and experience including financial, investment and legal.

The Charity devotes its resources entirely to the patients and staff of Barts Hospital, rather than to any wider grouping. We are therefore able to stay true to the vision of the founder of Barts, Rahere, who built the hospital to benefit the poor of the City of London. Following his example, the Charity continues to help those who need some extra assistance at a time of sickness or incapacity. Grants can be made to patients, as well as to their relatives and carers, and to the staff of the Hospital, to ensure the best possible experience for those receiving their care at Barts.

In particular, we aim to help with some of the small things a patient or family member may require, which nonetheless can make a big difference at a difficult time. Typical grants range from a few pounds to in exceptional circumstances £25,000, with the Charity able to act with speed when the need arises, and with the minimum of red tape and form filling.

The funds have arisen as a result of the generosity of present and previous generations, and the careful management of these funds by the Governors of the Voluntary Board.